Sanctuary of the Shadow

For humans, Salizar's is a place of mystery and wonder. For Harrow, it's a place to hide from those who slaughtered her entire clan. A haven where she can disguise both her abilities and who she really is. Until he arrives. He has no recollection of who-or even what-he is. He only knows that he's a monster, with wings and powerful abilities never seen before. But beneath the layers of rage and isolation, one glimpse into those inky black eyes reveals a soul that calls out to the loneliness in Harrow. And so she chooses him. She is drawn to the mystery of him, her unquenchable need for his kiss. And as powerful enemies align and conspire against them, Harrow knows their only hope is escape. Now, with every secret she unlocks from his past, a shadow from her own whispers free-luring enemies who will stop at nothing to get their final revenge on Harrow. And she's given them the perfect weapon...because her winged beast is not what he seems. But maybe it's time they finally learn-neither is she -- Dust jacket