Services for Teachers


Dear Teacher:

The Camarena Memorial Library knows the importance of literature in children's lives. We also understand the crucial role school teachers play in creating life-long readers.

We hope to make your job easier and to provide an enriching experience for you and your students. The staff at Camarena Memorial Library look forward to seeing you @ the library!

One great way to introduce children to the world of literature is by planning a trip to the library. Please let us know at least three weeks in advance, fill out the Class reservation sheet form and email it to

 Inform us of your curriculum needs. Check with us to learn what materials are available. Assignment Alert let us know what books to put on hold for group assignments.

 If you would like us to gather and check out books on a specific topic, fill out the Teacher's book request form and turn it to a Staff member, fax it to us at (760) 357-0404 or send it via email to . Please let us know at least two weeks in advance.

Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers:  we have themed book bags just for you. These bags include 6-15 picture books in various themes. Your school must participate in the school loan program to be able to request them. Ask us for details.